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Business Writing: Feeling blocked? 9 ways to unfreeze yourself and your message

August 4, 2017

Tags: Writer's block, business messages, overcoming writer's block, learning to write, business writing tips

“Writer’s block” is a convenient catch-all name for our reluctance to put things on paper, physically or virtually, when we need to. It’s not the sole province of fiction writers. Businesspeople too may feel stalled when they want to write a blog, produce a challenging proposal or solve a problem with the right email or letter. I find that many people fear the idea of writing on its own account.

Most cases of business-writer’s block can be treated by identifying the problem—and moving past it. See it as tough love for our communicating selves.

Here are 10 practical ways to unfreeze yourself to write successful business messages and documents. Try out one or more of the techniques that resonate with you. (more…)

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