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“I really enjoyed the workshop and took your message straight home! I opened three important letters I was just about to mail, and rewrote all of them!"

“I thought that as an English major, I had a clear and concise writing style. However, I learned that I could condense my professional and personal correspondence. From now on I will review all my writing, including e-mails and text messages, before sending them out!”

“I was surprised to learn the drastic difference between old and new PR writing, and to realize how awful so much business writing is. Now I am aware of my tone, audience, and writing techniques from e-mails to business documents—I’ve made many improvements and will continue to make more.”

“Thanks again for an extremely helpful seminar. I picked up some important new writing tips, and the staff who needed the most help seemed very pleased after the sessions.”

“The program opened my eyes to how influential writing can be when done well. I feel like the material makes a difference in my day-to-day interaction with co-workers.”

“I’ve gained so much confidence from this seminar. My e-mails have a lot more power behind them and the ones I craft now read levels above where I started. My writing continues to grow strong, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me make writing a tool that I can always rely on to put my best foot forward.”


For business and nonprofit organizations, professional associations and colleges

Good business communication is the most valued skill in almost every industry and profession today,
but few people--especially those coming into the workplace--are equipped to write or present themselves well.

Business Writing Now Workshops are active, hands-on learning experiences suited to
busy professionals. They ground participants in a step-by-step process for strategizing
messages and documents, practical techniques to recognize writing problems and fix them,
and tools to create more engaging, high-impact messages.

No grammar lessons, no academic approaches: The focus is on what works--writing more successfully for print, digital and spoken media.

Options include:
In-person or online sessions for college students in every field to upgrade their writing skills and communication thinking to support their careers. In-person classroom experiences can be arranged as well as online or teleseminars.

Techniques and tools for helping instructors teach practical writing skills in business, public relations and corporate communications programs, as well as science, technology and other fields.

Practical techniques for strategizing messages and raising the bar on written communication, from email to websites, elevator speeches, client communications, blogs and reports.

Bring new staff members up to speed on effective communication techniques and/​or updates the skills of seasoned communicators.

For businesses and nonprofits that opt to do their own training, teaching methods to improve employee writing and achieve organizational goals.

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