Natalie Canavor

Business communication: author, writer, teacher, presenter


“Beats Expectations
The chapters are more than advice as to how to properly construct an email. They include approaches that enable readers to gradually move up through the corporate ranks. How can we convince, inspire, and energize the recipients of our written word?"–
Dr. Stuart Gitlow

"Blink and you miss the chance to make your point.
Whether it’s email, business letters, web, reports, this book takes them all on and then some. Offering solid tips, strategies and insights that can help writers do a better and more effective job…Open anywhere and you can pick up tips...A great business tool for our fast-paced world.” —

“If everyone read this book, it would make the workplace so much better!
I found the writing tips for web pages to be extremely helpful and will be revamping my homepage to incorporate some of the ideas.” —

“Excellent Modern Writing Guide
Each short section describes a problem, idea, misconception, style, or other writing detail and breaks it down into examples…. Following many of the lessons from this book and slowly incorporating them into my own writing style should help me immensely.” —
D. Sun

“Lots of choices in this field of writing: choosing this one is flat out smart!
Among equally qualified, reasonably competent professionals, the edge in the battle for resources often goes to the better communicator. This book can help you gain that edge.” —
35 Year Technology Consumer

“Everyone in business should have this.
This is the most clear and concise breakdown of business writing rules I've seen. It is divided into clearly written and concise chapters with real examples and why it is important to the workplace. Unlike other books that take an academic approach this book takes a real hands-on business like approach that people in the real world could appreciate.” –– Tom B.


A nutshell guide and handy reference for businesspeople, professionals
and entrepreneurs who want to achieve their goals more often

By Natalie Canavor & Claire Meirowitz

In today’s digital age, if you want a successful career you must write. It’s how we secure opportunities, connect with other people and pitch our ideas. But few people learned to write well in school, and most don’t know that they can learn to communicate more effectively.

The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing shows you how to write-for-results in tight, to-the-point demonstrations that are easily absorbed. You’ll see what works in a wide range of media, from letter to email, letters, reports, proposals and blogs. Learn to:

  • Define your goals and understand your audiences
  • Figure out what to include in every document—and what to leave out
  • Strategize your everyday messages
  • Edit your own writing without worrying about grammar
  • Solve workplace problems through smart communication
  • Use professional “tricks of the trade” to heighten your impact

The pragmatic approach provides “before” and “after” examples to show you how to turn mediocre writing into messages that win what you want.

Published by FT Press.
52 Amazon Vine reviews, 4.5 out of 5 stars

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