Natalie Canavor

Business communication: author, writer, teacher, presenter


“A great resource.
Canavor breaks down the writing process into clear, logical, easy-to-follow steps. Her techniques will clarify your writing and illuminate your message. You won't just be writing better, you'll be thinking better.”
Charles, Amazon review

“Ideal Foundation.
Business Writing in the Digital Age is an ideal foundation to help students in my upcoming Business Communications courses gain valuable skills to succeed in the real world...The textbook accurately reflects today’s business communications reality and includes valuable, pragmatic guidance to improve communication.”
College Faculty Member

“Perfect for Business Writing Course.
I’m a community college professor teaching with your book for the first time ..It’s just about perfect for my students’ needs.... The right textbook can make such a big difference, and mine is an online class which makes the text especially important.”
Community College Professor

The Ultimate Guide for All New Media Writers
After implementing several of the tactics suggested in this book, I found my clients and associates were more receptive to my emails, my messages became clearer, and my digital image improved…I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to improve written communication skills. The chapter on formal email would be especially helpful for anyone entering a business environment for the first time.
Jamielynn, Amazon review

Hands-On Helpful Guide for Effective Digital Writing.
As a full-time working professional in the digital field, I needed a quick solution with immediate results for my writing…. Following the lessons that I learned from this book made a tremendous change in my writing and to those who read my writing.
Phaedra, Amazon review

Business Writing Today: A Practical Guide

A friendly textbook on writing that sharpens workplace communication skills

In today's business world, everyone needs to write! But few students learn the practical writing skills that give them entree into a competitive job market and equip them to succeed in the careers they want.

This accessible textbook engages young people with its friendly approach, poor-better-best examples, and clear explanations of how to plan, draft, and edit. Readers learn how to decide what to say in any situation--and how to say it. A common-sense, structured thinking system helps them plan every message based on their goals and audiences. They learn how to see other peoples' perspectives and use that understanding to find common ground and build good relationships.

To improve their writing technically, non-grammar approaches are demonstrated: students learn to identify their own writing problems and correct them, with the help of readily available tools.

Three dozen "View from the Field" bylined insights from journalists, editors, PR specialists, psychologists and more strengthen the "real world" tone. For instructors: dozens of individual and group activities to draw upon in the classroom. This book can also be used as an independent learning resource.

Business Writing Today covers:
  • Everyday messaging: email, letters and internal communication
  • Business documents: reports, proposals, executive summaries
  • Online media: blogs, social platforms, websites
  • Spoken media: elevator pitches, presentations, speeches
  • Job seeking materials: resumes, cover letters, networking messages

Review copies are available from the publisher, Sage.
Check out 30 reviews on Amazon from teachers and students: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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