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Workplace Genie: An Unorthodox Toolkit to Help Transform Your Work Relationships and Get the Most from Your Career

The office--whether located at a place where you work or in your own home--can be a lonely place when you have people problems. And every study shows that most work problems are due to people, whatever your field or specialization.

WORKPLACE GENIE is the companion you need to help you create:


  • Better relationships with your boss and supervisors
  • More congenial relationships with coworkers and clients
  • A more satisfying work environment for yourself
  • A happier, more capable, more successful, more confident YOU

Genie shows you how to take the lead with confidence. It gives you strategies for handling situations that range from the unfair, critical boss and the one who has no time for you to the hostile coworker, credit-thief and office gossip. The techniques combine the authors' two sets of expertise: business communications and psychotherapy. They're all grounded in reality with examples of how people like you have used them to shift workplace dynamics.


And all the approaches are positive: they show you how to bring out the best in other people--and yourself. GENIE gives you new ways to understand and predict other people's behavior, recognize and move past the personal blocks that stand in the way of your success, and even conquer past "failures" that may haunt you.


Genie is a "live" reading experience: It is full of activities that help you know yourself better, feel more confident, reduce your stress, and think on your feet. It prepares you to field negative people and situations, and re-set relationships that aren't working.

To read a sample of what's inside Workplace Genie, click on the cover above. And see what people are already saying about it!